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I am in the business of helping you help yourself. I fell for exercise science and find joy in sharing it with the world. My goal is to get you to yours. Not later. Now. Not 1 excuse.

This is me.

Watching my mother battle with weight stability all my life and being present as she went through this diet, that diet, this miracle juice and that magic pill that required no exercise... I made a decision. I was going to keep myself moving. Since I can remember I have always enjoyed being active. I danced since 3 and ran track briefly at 15. The thing is... I enjoyed food more. Much more. In my family there is a history of cancer, high blood pressure and heart disease. Although my mother always dealt with high blood pressure, I wasn't very conscious of family issues until my father passed from heart disease.

I remember seeing my mother consistently checking the scale. I have no memory of her stepping off the scale happy. Seeing what one little piece of machinery can do to your spirit from my mothers home to gyms that I did personal training and also belonged to I have always maintained my one certain vow. I will not have a scale at my own home.

Please do note, I am not saying toss your scale. However, if it is ruling your life, I will not stop you.

Another choice I made was that I will eat in a sensible manner and create and maintain a body that does not constrict my functional and creative movement. A body that is an example of how my organs and spirit are feeling. Not just how my muscles look.

Lastly I decided to not live off of pharmaceudical products or vitamins so my body does not hurt. I am a strong beleiver in finding a way, especially when there seems to be none.

In 2007 I found that other way through the study of functional movement. Consistent movement is key. Even if it is to use the stairs instead of the elevator. To stand and take a lap around the office so you give oxygen to those legs, that back and that neck.

Mold grows on things that stay idle. For people that mold is replaced by disease. Ofcourse family history plays a part in our futures however we do not have to sit back and allow it to happen. Simply leave the door open for child and adult obeisity(which is the new #1 killer of America next to cancer) cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthiritis and diabetes.

The more you move, the more you smile and the stronger that seal around that closed door becomes.

My goal is to not only help you help yourself ward off chronic disease, it is also to delete any evidence of muscular dysfunction in your body which in due time will lead to increased injury. Trust me, that cumulative injury cycle happened to me before I began paying attention to what I was paying attention to. In other words stay focused and be conscious. Six packs, defined arms, sexy backs, nice bums, and phenomenal legs come with functional training. It is a must.

We begin in building stabilization, strength and the the powerful P. You guessed it. Power. It will be tough to get it all with neck pain, low back pain, knee injuries, musculoskeletal injuries and chronic disease. That's when I remind you that there is always a way and build a program for us to get you to where you want to be with what you need sprinkled on top.

The world is your playground. Let's play.

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